9 Feb

It seems years ago that we were in Miami for our first anniversary.


But now we’ve been in Gahini, Rwanda for a week.


And we’re very excited to be here!


We are particularly happy today because we finally got to take running showers (not pictured. Obviously). After a long day of work, we took a conspicuous walk through the village where we met John, Emmanuel, and James, among others, and Justin got invited to play basketball and football (soccer, for you Yanks). We saw one kid on the dusty basketball court with a NY Giants shirt on! We collected quite the following of children on our short walk who asked about the ring in Justin’s nose, giggled at us, mocked Justin’s laugh, and inquired where we were going– no one quite seemed to get the concept of “exploring.” And on the way back, a tiny Rwandan playing with an inner tube screamed delightedly at the top of his lungs “MUZUNGU!!!!!!!!!” and promptly bolted over to hold Justin’s hand for a few steps before running back to his friend. “Muzungu, muzungu, muzungu!” he continued, giddily. It was nice to experience someone who wasn’t afraid to scream at us after dealing with a whole day of just being stared at.

By the way, the thing on my head in the pictures above is not a hat. It’s a can of water which I quickly learned to balance on my head and Justin, just as quickly, learned to dress like a tourist.


Here’s looking at you, Jared Hastings Myers.


Justin has always and forever raved about African tea. He fell in love with it when he lived in Uganda for a few months. Every once and a while, we sought to make something like it in the US by adding powdered ginger to tea with lots of milk. It was close, but nothing beats real African tea– made, as the noble Doug Fountain says, by heating up milk and then waving the tea bag over the mug once.

It’s wonderful. When it’s made right, it’s hot and spicy and sweet and milky. And it’s fun to drink because you have to periodically skim the skin off of the top.


Another thing that is fun here is wearing the same shoes. Every. Day.


On the Chacos website are picture that die-hard Chaco-ians post of their Chaco tans, post-international adventure. We are well on our way to being on that wall of shame fame.


So here we are, just a couple of kids pretending to be professional development consultants and trying to hoof it in the Rwandan world.


This would be an apt time to shout out to my Lama, Justin’s mama, Linda Nargi, a megablogger by trade, moonlighting as a homemaker, for getting him all of these collared shirts on clearance at Target before we went to Miami. That’s all he’s worn so far, Linda! The first day we were here, he put on a polo shirt and we both looked at each other and laughed.We are in for quite the next three months.

Time to hunker down beneath our mosquito net and wait for the morning fog to roll in. Moramokeho. Goodnight.

Love like a sunset over Lake Muhazi,




3 Responses to “Snapshots”

  1. Susan Taylor February 10, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    Thanks for the beautiful photos. I love following your adventures!

  2. Linda February 10, 2012 at 5:27 am #

    Hahaha! you are so funny. Love the pictures. Love you both!

  3. Patricia Gallagher Nargi February 11, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    We both enjoyed the pics. Glad to see you guys looking so happy. Lve from Pat and Big Guy

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